Providing industry-focused business development services geared to sustainable growth of revenue, profits, and market share. Our services include:



Too many companies in our industry have either no strategic operating plan or something that was created under duress to secure financing. This is no way to grow and flourish in a competitive global market. You need a plan that looks to the future and can be implemented with speed and discipline.

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Stiernberg Consulting provides strategic and tactical planning services, ranging from team process facilitation to collaborative authorship. Deliverables may include:

  • Business Situation Analysis
  • Product Development Process Facilitation
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing Plans including New Product Launches
  • Go-To-Market Plans
  • Channel Management Program Development
  • Multi-Scenario Planning
  • The “No Exit” Exit Strategy for Business Owners

Click here to download our white paper “The Tactics Of Strategic Planning: Contradiction Or Critical Success Factor”

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Trying to grow your business without market knowledge and hard data is like driving into a blizzard—you can’t see where you are going so you hope for the best. Not a good approach in our fragmented and complex industry. Now is the time to build your knowledge base and use it as a competitive advantage.

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Stiernberg Consulting provides an outside perspective on your business and inside perspective on our industry. Our reports are customized and targeted to drive your planning and support your decision-making.  Deliverables may include:

  • Custom Market Research
  • Systematic Competitive Business Intelligence
  • Opportunity Analysis and Market Characterization
  • Market SnapShot Briefings
  • Executive Decision Support
  • Market Diligence Reports for Investors
  • Five Year Window™ Forecasts
  • Voice of the Channel Expert Interviews

Click here to download our white paper “When In Doubt, Find Out! Using Market Intelligence to Manage Risk and Uncertainty”

Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

While mergers and acquisitions continue to be prominent in our industry, strategic alliances have been increasingly prevalent. Alliances are especially powerful for manufacturers and channel partners who want to grow, but not necessarily buy or sell.

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Stiernberg Consulting scouted for and managed industry-focused strategic alliances. Our combination of experience, relationships, and methodology made us uniquely qualified. Deliverables included:

  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory
  • Scouting for Opportunities
  • Alliance Partner Profiles and Screening
  • Technology and Invention Placement Advisory
  • Facilitated Negotiation
  • Due Diligence
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Co-Marketing Programs
  • Product Development Partnering

Click here to download our white paper "Understanding M&A and Strategic Alliances: Dynamics of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances In Our Industry."

Stiernberg Consulting collaborated with select investment banks serving our industry. Collectively we optimized results while assuring compliance with applicable SEC and FINRA regulations.

Focus and Approach

Focus and Approach

Serving the AV/IT, MI, and CE Industry

Industry Definition and Focus

How you view an industry depends on your perspective. From Stiernberg Consulting’s vantage point, the entertainment technology, music products, and AV/IT industry continue to become more integrated.

Not long ago, these were four separate businesses. Today, they are converging into one multi-faceted global industry. Here are definitions and examples of industry segments.

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Entertainment Technology

For creation and delivery of entertainment, from music, games, and movies to theater, dance, and sports—live and recorded. Application categories include:

  • Recording and Post Production
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Live Event Production
  • Staging and Rigging
  • Lighting and Special Effects
  • Digital Media

Music Products

For professional, semi-professional, and recreational music composition, education, recording, and performance. Product categories include:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Recording Gear
  • Music Composition, Notation, and Recording Software
  • Sound and Lights
  • DJ/Mobile Entertainer Equipment
  • Performance Gear
  • Sheet Music, Software, Courseware
  • Music Accessories

AV/IT Systems

For entertainment, communications, life safety, environmental control, and lighting control in both commercial and residential spaces. Application categories include:

  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Media Delivery and Playback
  • Security Integration
  • Building Automation and Control
  • Broadband Networking and Connectivity
  • Telephony and Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC)
  • Home Theater and Multi-room Media Systems
  • Assistive Listening
  • Speech Privacy and Sound Masking

Our Unique Approach

Stiernberg Consulting’s core values drive our business and benefit our clients and colleagues in the industry.

We focus on our industry exclusively, providing deeper knowledge, more relevant insights, and targeted results.

  • We strive to make our clients self-sufficient, not increasingly reliant upon us.
  • We find simple solutions to complex problems.
  • We believe in the power of planning.
  • We honor relationships and believe in people.
  • We love what we do and have fun along the way.
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Primary Client Benefits

  • We deliver results on target, on time, and on budget.
  • We are discreet and maintain absolute confidentiality.
  • We adapt to your specific situation vs. plain vanilla or cookie cutter solutions.
  • We deliver objective perspectives, whether good news or bad news.
  • We empathize and understand how our industry and your company are special.
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